7 Gift Ideas for Moms Who Travel

I think these items should be on the holiday wish list for any woman who travels for work or fun!
Travel Size Beauty Sets
When traveling, I like to pack light, and usually just a carry on, so I’m held to the TSA rule of only having 3.4 ounce containers of liquid. I love having travel size versions for all of my favorite products so I can feel like myself when on the road. Travel size beauty sets are also a fun, low risk way to try new products without investing in a full size you may not like.

I’m a huge fan of IT Cosmetics (check out What’s in my Work Bag?) and find they always put out amazing beauty sets, especially around the holidays. Check out this IT’s Your IT Girl Super Squad 7-piece makeup & skincare gift set, which contains 3 full size and 4 travel size items.

Or this Heavenly Luxe Must-Haves 5-Piece full size brush set + travel case. Traveling or not, this brush kit is amazing, containing everything you need for a full face makeup session. The case is so darn cute and functional. It will definitely keep your brushes in great shape and prevent them from getting makeup all over your suitcase.

Check out IT Cosmetics stocking stuffer items as well. You may want to snag a couple of these for presents! 

Nice Luggage
I usually buy my luggage at TJ Maxx but you can find some highly rated luggage sets on Amazon right now. This is an AmazonBasics spinner set for $129, which is a great price for a set like this. I always like to get a color besides black so my bag stands out!

Travel Scarf

I’m so in love with my new scarf from Waypoint Goods. I can’t believe no one has thought of this concept sooner…a scarf with a pocket! This makes it easy to have your drivers license or passport, cell phone, keys, and my favorite, a lip balm, handy at all times. I hate when I get settled on a plane and then have to drag my bag out from under the seat or from the overhead to get my cell or chapstick. With a Waypoint Goods travel scarf, everything is easy access in your scarf. I think I’m going to use this scarf in the summer too. Planes are always so chilly and I can’t NOT have all my important items close by – this scarf has spoiled me! They have a large selection of solid colors and prints. If you join their mailing list you can get 10% off your first order. I’ll also be hosting a giveaway soon!

Tech Accessories

If you know someone who likes monogrammed items, Mark & Graham have really unique travel gifts. I personally like the Leather Charter Roll Up to keep cords organized in work bags and the Power Up Lightning to USB Key Chain. This key chain can charge your iPhone and also has a USB drive. Mark & Graham offer free personalization as well!
Packing Cubes
When my mom first got these for me I didn’t think I would like them. I was wrong! Packing cubes are awesome for keeping your luggage organized while traveling. I keep them in my luggage at all times so they are handy for all of my trips. Makes it much easier to unpack when your clothes are organized in cubes!

Foldable tote bag
You never know how much room your souvenirs will take up in your suitcase, or if you’ll be able to sneak away to go shopping for yourself, so you’ll want to pack this tote for all trips in case you need extra room! This is also great just keep in the your car for groceries. This one specifically has amazing reviews on Amazon. This would make a great stocking stuffer!

Noise Cancelling Headphones
Nice headphones can be key for relaxing travel. Crying babies and chatty seatmates sometimes need to be drowned out on planes, and these highly rated headphones can do the trick!

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  1. That scarf is BRILLIANT and still so cute!! My hubby swears by his noise cancelling headphones – a gift like that for a frequent traveler is excellent. Thanks for the great ideas!

  2. Great tips!!! Packing cubes are the best! They making packing a breeze and keep your clothes organized. You will be surprised how much more room you have in your suitcase!

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