Beyond Van Gogh: Immersive Experience in Detroit

If you are into Van Gogh or even just art in general, I’d highly recommend the Beyond Van Gogh exhibit that is currently running in Detroit. The hour long immersive art exhibit is extremely unique and insightful into Van Gogh’s life and art – if you’re a fan of art, you won’t be disappointed.

When you first arrive you slowly walk through several rows of illuminated signs that tell the story of Van Gogh’s life through letters between him and his brother. Then you enter to a large room with music and ceiling to floor, wall to wall, projections of Van Gogh’s art. Some come alive (winking eyes, moving water) and some have quotes. You are truly immersed into his artwork and life for a brief period. The entire experience is about one hour and afterwards there’s a tiny little gift shop for Van Gogh swag.

Beyond Van Gogh is a great date night idea. Visit the exhibit and then try one of the many fabulous restaurants in Detroit right now. We went to Besa afterwards and it was delicious!

You could make this a family night out, however, just make sure kids are old enough to enjoy it. My two boys are 3 and 6, and personally, I would not take them. They would be bored and disruptive to folks trying to enjoy the exhibit.

Beyond Van Gogh will be at the TCF Center (formerly Cobo Hall) in Detroit through August 15th. Ticket start at 32.99 for adults (16+) and and $23.99 for kids (ages 5-15). You can buy your tickets here – if you really want to go, don’t wait, the best times are selling out fast! If you already went in Detroit or another city, please comment below – I want to know what you thought about the experience!

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  1. We were truly immersed, as the name of the event suggests. My 8 year old granddaughter said it felt like she was in a dream. This was such a cool experience. I would Gogh again!

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