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We’ve had a fairly mild winter so far in Michigan, but it’s still cold (20s!) and taking a major toll on my skin. It got to the point that I was so dry I couldn’t even wear my foundation with loads of moisturizer underneath. I was flaking like crazy!

I have sensitive skin so I sometimes shy away from trying new skincare products, but Care beauty came along and caught my eye with ‘clean beauty’ messaging. The verdict: I love this line of skincare products. Here’s what I’ve tried so far:
I started to test with this product since ‘deep moisture’ was exactly what my face needed. At first glance, this pink, fluffy gel-cream did not look like it was going to do the trick. It has a light feeling to the touch and I thought there was no way it was going to clear up my dry skin. But I was wrong. After 3 days of using this morning and night my skin was back to normal, I could wear my foundation without looking scaly, and even without makeup my skin looked refreshed. This gel is so hydrating! As soon as I put it on my face I could tell my skin was drinking up it’s moisture. This gel has Vitamins C & E that protect and nourish skin, while the caffeine helps firm and brighten (I drink loads of caffeine each day, why not also use it topically?). 
This cream is thick and rich and feels so good around my eyes! It includes Hyaluronic acid which is super hydrating and also contains caffeine, like the Hydrating Moisture Cream, to help rid your under-eyes from puffiness and dark circles (I’m a mom – I NEED this!). I’ve been putting this around my eye area and lip area (not on my lips, but around them) which has been so dry with this weather. I usually worry about putting stuff around my lips because of past acne breakouts in this area, but this cream hasn’t caused me any issues. The texture is a thick, fluffy cream, very much opposite of the Hydrating Moisture Cream. 
This is my first time using a toner consistently in my skincare routine. I had no idea how important it is – even after washing my face, I had so much dirt still left on my skin. I always feared toner would dry my skin out, but this did the opposite. My skin felt super clean and soft after using this. I now use this toner every night after washing my face, and before applying my night time moisturizer. 
I love the background for this brand – it’s a husband and wife startup! The husband, Ricardo, wrapped up a successful career as a Clinique executive. His wife, Pilar, found skincare to be over complicated, overpriced and full of ingredients that didn’t’ have a purpose or could cause more harm than good. So together they created Care. All products are straight-forward with no hidden ingredients and they also never test on animals. I’m totally digging this backstory and brand! 
If you’ve tried this line I’d love to hear what you think in the comments below! 
*I received press samples, but all opinions are my own

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