Currently Loving…Fall Blanket Scarf Trend

I’ve always been a fan of scarves, but this season scarves have gotten bigger and better. They are the size of blankets, and I’m loving every cozy second I can wear them. I just bought this plaid blanket scarf from one of my favorite online accessory sites,

I like to wear mine like a shaw and tie it in front. This scarf comes in 18 different styles and are on sale for $12.99 right now on

What trends are you loving this season?

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6 thoughts on “Currently Loving…Fall Blanket Scarf Trend

  1. Scarfs are always a hit in my books, I stand outside at the bus stop which is down a drive way that is half a mile long. I live in an apartment complex. My daughter also loves scars and as I stand with my daughter in all kinds of weather we have done some creative things to keep us warm outside. I can't drive. My husband works full time so I am the one who get's kids off and on the bus. I love a big comfy scarf, I also love warm fuzzy boots.

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