Currently Loving…

Season 2 of How to Get Away with MurderShonda Rhimes is my idol. I started watching Season 2 on the plane ride to and from Tampa this week, and can’t stop. It’s way faster paced than the first season! The later episodes are on the ABC site, and you can also purchase them from Amazon.

Feeding the ducks at the Mill Pond
I took the day off to spend ‘mommy and Max’ time. He’s so obsessed with ducks, so of course, I took him to the Mill Pond to feed the ducks. We purchased duck food from The Wildernest (it’s only 50 cents!) and spent about 20 minutes throwing food to ducks, geese and swans. The ducks in Brighton are so use to people doing this, they come right up to you! I was a little intimidated, but Max loved every minute.

Etsy boutiques
I find the cutest stuff on Etsy, and support small businesses too! Look at this shirt and coffee pants. I mean seriously, where else can you find stuff so unique?? This seller’s shop is called Sweet Ellie Sue.

Tim Horton’s coffee
Enough said.

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