Easter Basket Alternatives for Candy

I know my son is going to be getting a ton of candy from family, so I decided to not include any candy or snacks in his basket. So…what did I include? Check it out below!

‘Daddy Duck’ Bath time book & Daddy’s bubble bath
My son is obsessed with his dad and ducks – so this book was perfect! My son loves bath time so new bubbles and a fun bath time waterproof book is perfect.

Kid O Floating Duck
Going with the bath time theme, I wanted to include a new bath toy. This duck got great reviews on Amazon! Max is going through a duck phase and he’s obsessed! You can buy it using Amazon Prime and receive it in 2 days.

Fischer-Price Doodle Pro Trip
I use to love my Magna Doodle! I saw this at Meijer and had to get it for Max’s basket. It’s a small, travel size, which will be good for his little hands. The age is 3+, and he’s only 18 months, but I figure he’ll grow into it. This is also available on Amazon Prime if you’re in a pinch!

I found jelly bean scented Easter grass at Meijer. It smells SO good! My son is a little young to appreciate this, but I think it’s fun. I also found sports ball themed eggs. Max is into footballs, soccer balls, basketballs, etc., so these are perfect for holding little treats. I won’t put sugary candy in them, instead I’ll put freeze dried yogurt bites, just so he can have fun discovering them.

Here are some other fun (non-candy!) ideas:
 – Gift certificates
 – Quarters, dimes and nickels in eggs (but not for young ones, may be a choking hazard)
 – Healthy treats, such as Plum Organics Mighty Bites or Plum Organics puffs.
 – New sippy cups with a favorite character

If you’re wondering, my Easter basket liner is from Pottery Barn Kids. I’m proud of myself for being able to find it after last Easter 🙂

I’d like to know what you’re putting in your kid’s Easter baskets? Anything unique? I want to know!


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12 thoughts on “Easter Basket Alternatives for Candy

  1. Fun ideas! I always do chalk, bubbles and a kite. This year I also nabbed some glow sticks from Dollar Tree and some Hot Wheels. I agree with nixing the candy — they will get it for sure from family 🙂

  2. Jelly-bean scented grass sounds really unique. I don't have children but when I was younger, my grandma used to send me an Easter basket – it sometimes had fun figurines and whatnot in it as well as chocolate.

  3. Love the bath idea! I am a big fan of giving gift cards too. It's nice to let the person pick out what they specifically want.

  4. My kids have very severe food allergies that precludes them from eating a lot of varieties of candy. So at Easter they tend to get non-candy/food items in their baskets. I always appreciate seeing articles and posts with non-candy suggestions for Halloween and Easter. Thanks for the suggestions.

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