Gotta start somewhere

My name is Angela and I’m a full time mother, wife and sales woman. So basically, I’m nuts! But I love it. Recently I was looking for other ‘working mom blogs’ to read and they were far and few between. So, I decided to recruit some friends and start one!

The Non-Housewives blog is all about women just trying to fit it all in. Who’s really ‘just a housewife’ anymore (besides the Bravo ladies)?? Women wear all kinds of hats these days. Mother, wife, provider, and don’t get me started on what we do to keep our household running smoothly.

I think it will be fun to hear from other moms on how they are keeping it all together. I hope to cover a variety of topics…from quick recipes to laundry hacks to product round ups and more, I hope everyone finds something helpful from this blog to make their lives a little easier.


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