Grand Rapids Children’s Museum

We took a spontaneous trip to the Grand Rapids Children’s Museum a few weekends back and were NOT disappointed. It was perfect for our boys’ ages (1.5 and 4.5) and an easy day trip from metro Detroit.

The museum sits in downtown Grand Rapids, which is really a blooming downtown area. There are tons of restaurants around the museum and a nice outdoor eating area where you could also have a picnic.

The museum is two floors. The first floor has a stroller parking area and a gift shop. Also on the main floor is a play grocery store, a few push cars for younger kids, and a play car with it’s ‘engine’ exposed.

Upstairs is where we spent 95% of our time. There is a ton to do and see! The first thing that our boys wanted to do on the second floor is the bubble station. They had 2 bubble tables perfect for my youngest son, and then they had a larger bubble station with a platform that you can stand on, and then put yourself into a bubble. You really have to see it to understand what I’m talking about.

There was also a full doctor office and play “MRI” machine which looked to be sponsored by Stryker. It was SUPER cute. They had an arts and crafts table, Legos and trains, and a ton of hands on tables that kept my 4.5 year old’s attention for a long time.

We stayed for about an hour and a half (we had a birthday party to go to) but could have easily stayed 3 hours here. They don’t have a cafe here, so plan on eating at a nearby restaurant or pack a picnic lunch.

I highly recommend this museum for a day trip to Grand Rapids with kids. Have you ever been to this museum? If so I’d love to hear your kids’ favorite exhibits!

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