Hip Lumberjack Look

I struggle to find cute boys clothes. Girls clothes are so much easier to shop for. Bright colors and prints on dresses – easy! Boys, not so much. However, I’ve been having a ton of luck recently at Target and Marshall’s.

Target’s new Cat & Jack line is so darn cute. I love their tables full of mix and match items. Max is pretty hard on his clothing and all of my items from this winter’s line have held up really well.

We stumbled across the TOMS shoe and coffee shop in Soho while in NYC last week, and I had to check it out.  Max picked these TOMS shoes out himself. I wanted the panda slip ons, he wanted the hipster corduroy. The kid loves shoes!

Get this Lumberjack Hipster look…
pd&c Red & Black flannel from Marshall’s
Cat & Jack black pants from Target
Gray corduroy shoes from TOMS

If you have boys, where do you like to shop for their clothes?

2 thoughts on “Hip Lumberjack Look

  1. Love the shoes Max! Nice choice. It's fun to see their little own personal style begin to unfold. My Little Man loves shoes also. Right now he's into what he calls \”casual shoes\”. So funny.

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