Holiday Gift Guide 2021 – Top STEM Toys

I was fortunate enough to get invited to The Toy Insider Holiday Gift preview in NYC. Anyone who knows me knows I jump at any chance to visit NYC. I’ll be doing ‘top toy/gift round-ups’ leading up to Cyber weekend.

Here’s a list of this season’s top 10 STEM gifts:

  • The Young Scientist Club Future Veterinarian set (5+) – This hands-on science kit includes 10+ engaging activities that will teach little learners the ins and outs of veterinary science.
  • HEXBUG HEXMODS Pro Series Elite Raceway (14+) – Adults and children can work together to create their own scale model vehicles for road play.
  • Arcade Game Maker Lab Candy Claw Machine (6+ w/ adult help) – Cranks, gears, and belts work together to move the claw arm left, right, forward, and backward. Hydraulic levers move the claw up and down, open and shut. A spring-loaded trap door launches your prizes at you when you win.
  • Osmo Math Wizard and the Secrets of the Dragons Game (6-8) – Learn measurement & estimation through hands-on play on a 1st & 2nd grade math adventure!
  • Crayola Paper Butterfly Science Kit (7+) – This science kit features everything needed to make 12 Wicking Paper Butterflies, as well as a guide with step-by-step instructions. Kids can learn about capillary action as they use physics to create colorful, one-of-a-kind paper butterflies!
  • Artie Max the Coding, Drawing Robot (8+) – Perfect for coders-in-training and robot pros alike, Artie Max teaches the artistic side of coding with five built-in languages (Blockley, Snap, JavaScipt, Python, and C++) allowing kids to level-up their STEM skills while creating frame-worthy works of art. Through safe built-in Wi-Fi, Artie speaks directly to your connected device—no internet needed.
  • NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Magnetic Marble Run (8+) – With its innovative magnetic connectors, kids and adults alike can build, create and explore engineering on any magnetic surface.
  • Learning Resources Coding Critters MagiCoders: Blazer (4+) – Meet Blazer the Dragon, your magical coding friend! Your Preschoolers will discover the magic of 100% screen-free coding with this Learning Resources Coding Critters MagiCoders: Blazer.
  • Game Builder Garage – Nintendo Switch – Kids can learn how to make their own games with guided lessons created by Nintendo. From a simple game of tag to a run-and-jump obstacle course, each lesson is broken down into multiple, manageable segments that let kids go at their own pace—and have fun in the process.
  • Just Play Ada Twist, Scientist On-The-Go Lab Set with Experiment Cards (3+) – Parents and children can work together to create fun pre-school level experiments. Gather the needed tools and additional home supplies (not included) then follow the instructions on the experiment card. Just like Ada, aspiring scientists can formulate a hypothesis, test it, and observe the results!

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