Ideas for Getting Rid of Halloween Candy

I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween! Here’s my little guy as Donald “Maximus” Trump 🙂

Max is only 14 months and it was cold and rainy here in the metro-Detroit area, so we didn’t take him out trick or treating. We hung out at my brother and sister-in-law’s house, and I got to see my niece and nephew trick or treat. They came back with so much candy! I was never really into candy as a kid, and I remember my trick or treat bag sitting in a low cabinet, full, and stale, for 6 months, before my mom tossed it. I just wouldn’t eat it. But if you ask my husband, he said he’d demolish his Halloween stash in a few days!
I’m prepping myself for when Max is old enough to go trick or treating. Hopefully he’s like me and doesn’t go overboard with candy. But…so far he’s a lot more like his dad, so I’m going to have to get crafty in order to stop him from overdosing on candy.
Here are a few ideas to help you get rid of your candy stash:

  • Contact your local Ronald McDonald House to see if they will take a candy donation for their families. 
  • Operation Shoebox is now accepting candy donations. You have to mail it to Florida, so make sure you don’t send candy that will melt in the heat. 
  • Halloween Candy Buy Back – Find your local dentist who will take candy for toothbrushes, toothpaste, etc. They then share it with our troops!
  • I read on one of my favorite blogs, Gracious Pantry, that she does something called a “Switch Witch,” where she allows her son to place a bucket full of candy outside their door in exchange for a nice gift that “magically” appears. This is so creative!
  • I had an idea about trading in candy in exchange for money or special trips (maybe a movie night?). Or trading in 10 pieces of candy to stay up 10 minutes later 🙂 What would I do with the traded in candy? Bring it to my co-workers, of course! 
Did you do something creative with your kids candy after they had their fill? Please share in the comments! 

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