Non Candy Valentine’s Day Ideas

valentine's day straws

As much as I love celebrating Valentine’s Day with my boys, I dislike all the candy associated with the day. Same with Halloween, it’s candy overload! Here are a few Valentine’s Day treat options that don’t include candy, and I’m sure other classroom moms & dads will thank you for it!

Mini bubble popper keychains – I wouldn’t mind getting one of these for myself! These come in a pack of 48 for $19.99 + Prime free shipping.

Tic-Tac-Toe boards – As a parent, I love this idea. The gift that keeps on giving. Fun to keep in my purse or car for when the kids get bored. $13.59 for 28!

Fidget spinners – These are so cute! $33.99 for 28.

Coloring books – Set of 24 for only $15.99

Reusable straws – So stinking cute! And totally practical! 42 in a pack for $28.99.

Mini bubble wands – Adorable! $16.99 for a 32 pack.

Would love to hear any non-candy ideas you have done in the past! Please comment below!

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