Olive & June Nail Polish Review

olive & june nail polish set

I’m going on a year without gel nail polish, and my nails are thanking me. They are much stronger than when I was getting gel manicures every other week. Even if I took the gel off the correct way, my nails were still so thin. Since I’m not traveling to see clients I figured I’d save money, and my nails, and try to master the at home manicure.

I’ve been using the Olive & June Mani System (use ‘xoangela20‘ for 20% off your first kit!) to work on my at home manicure skills and I love how easy they make it. The kit has all the tools you need for an at home manicure that looks like you came from the salon. Here’s what it includes:

  1. Clippers & File – Clip first, file second. Or don’t clip at all. Either way, both are included for your preference.
  2. Nail buffer – I use to skip this step and would always wonder my nail polish didn’t lay smoothly.
  3. The Poppy – a patented polish bottle handle to paint both hands perfectly. I had my doubts. How can this rubber thing help you paint your nails? It does! Especially for your non-dominant hand! Olive & June nail polish bottle caps slide off so you can slide the Poppy on. Since its larger than a nail polish brush it’s easier to hold and control.
  4. Nail polish – the basic kit comes with one color bottle of no chip paint, and the larger box comes with 6. You get to choose! Or, you can purchase the seasonal box that has the polishes pre-selected. I received this box and LOVED all of the Winter colors.
  5. Super glossy top coat – essential, and gives your manicure a beautiful shine and longer wear
  6. Polish remover pot – No cotton balls needed. Just stick your finger in and twist!
  7. Clean up brush – I LOVE this mini brush. After I’m done painting I stick it in the polish remover pot and clean up my edges to give me a flawless manicure.
  8. Cuticle serum – Last step, moisturize!

Being a busy mom, I look for long wear with my nail polish, and of course, pretty colors. Olive & June covers both of these. I love that I’m giving my nails a healthy break from gel. I just told my best friend the other day that I also love changing my nail color more often vs. having the same color on for 2 weeks. I can also tell a clear difference on how this polishes applies vs. drugstore brands. The wider brush, the Poppy and clean up brush make it SO EASY to get a salon-like polish. I’m so impressed with how my polish skills are coming along!

My manicures have been lasting anywhere from 3-5 days with minimal wear, and I am HARD on my nails. I’m constantly washing dishes, cooking, using cleaners, etc. I usually paint them Sunday nights to start the week and then Thursday/Friday for a weekend color change. Busy mom hack: if they chip mid-week, I usually touch up with same nail color polish or add a glitter coat. Olive & June polish is also so easy to remove. It’s a nice change from peeling layers of nail off with gel or soaking them in acetone.

Olive & June offers all of their nail polishes separately, as well as everything in their nail kits and nail art. They also have a membership option. For $30 a year you will get free shipping on every order, 10% off everything and some special surprises. You can use my code ‘xoangela20‘ to get 20% off your first kit! I’ve got my eye on all of their Spring 2020 polishes.

Have you tried Olive & June yet? If so, let me know your thoughts in the comments. I highly recommend their manicure kit and nail polishes!

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  1. Which color is this blue? Looking for a real red too. Love O&J polish. Ordered a couple times. Referred friends to your site💯

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