The Super Easy Baby Food Cookbook Review

I use to pride myself in making Max his first foods. I’d buy the freshest fruits I could find and blend them, package them, and stack them in the freeze for future meals. After I perfected pureed bananas, pears and apples, I realized Max would soon be getting sick of the same 3 options, and I wanted to try more fruits and veggies. The problem was, I had no creativity when it comes to cooking, so I was forced to buy the rest of his food at the grocery store.

Fast forward 2.5 years, and I have Xavier starting solids even earlier than Max did! I am still the puree queen of bananas, pears and apples, but I wanted to try new things, and still make everything fresh. Lucky for me, a talented co-worker of mine just published a baby food cookbook, and it’s just what I needed to provide me much needed inspiration!

The Super Easy Baby Food Cookbook contains healthy homemade recipes for infants through toddler years. The author, Anjali Shah, also provides tips for starting solid foods, shopping lists, meal planning charts and labels each recipe clearly to help with food allergies.

I knew I wanted to start incorporating more vegetables for Xavier, so I skipped right to Chapter 4 for ‘Creamy Combination Purees.’ Since I had a ton of frozen banana puree in the freezer, I was excited to make some pureed zucchini and combine the two. Xavier loved it! We also tried zucchini and squash, and banana and zucchini. Xavier loved them all, even zucchini by itself – I was shocked! I would have never tried to feed him zucchini, let alone mix it with sweeter fruits. The puree mix and match chart was super handy to see what would work well together (again, I’m not creative!). 
I’m hoping that starting Xavier this young with different flavors will help open his palate to trying new things as he gets older….and then maybe he can rub off on his older brother!
I highly recommend this cookbook to help with more advanced puree combination ideas and ideas for homemade finger foods. This would make a wonderful (and unique!) baby shower gift for a new mom. Definitely a gift that would keep on giving! It’s available on for the Kindle or paperback. 
I’d love to hear about your creative baby food recipes in the comments below! Also, stay tuned for The Super Easy Baby Food Cookbook giveaway this week!

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