Tubby Todd Bath Co Review

I’m definitely creating a ‘bath product fanatic’ with my son. Max gets so excited when I tell him he has new bath soap for bath time (I mean, look at him eyeing up the soap in the above picture!). We recently got to try a new, all natural bath line, called Tubby Todd Bath Co. I was intrigued by this line because 1) it’s made from 100% all natural ingredients and 2) read reviews about it being great for dryness, eczema and sensitive skin babies, which is what I always look for, since Max inherited my sensitive skin.

A little background: Tubby Todd was created by Andrea Faulkner Williams, who wanted to create an all natural line for her family’s sensitive skin. She spent years perfecting this line, and now has an entire line that is 100% natural with sensitive skin babies in mind.

We tested the Lavender & Rosemary Hair & Body Wash and absolutely loved it. First off, it smells fantastic. I love using Lavender scented bath products right before bed, to help create a relaxing atmosphere. I use a little as both bubble bath and as a shampoo for Max. This wash made Max’s skin so soft after bath! I could definitely tell a difference from other washes. I also don’t need to use a conditioner or hair detangler when I use this as shampoo. It makes his hair pretty soft and manageable.

Tubby Todd products are also good for newborns, so I’m excited to test them out on my new little guy arriving soon. Have you tried Tubby Todd Bath Co. products yet? If so, please share your favorite ones below in the comments!

*A sample was provided for review, all opinions are my own

3 thoughts on “Tubby Todd Bath Co Review

  1. Have not tried them yet but after reading about the products and the company I am anxious to try them. The fragrances sound wonderful! Cant wait to give my little guy a Tubby Todd bath!

  2. I have never heard of this brand. Both of my girls love to try out new bath products. We only use natural products, so these might be a hit here. The scents sound so nice too.

  3. I am not a mom and have never heard of the tubby todd bath co., either. However; based on the big smile on Max's face along with the mesmerizing look in his eyes I can tell that he loves the product. I can't wait to smell them as well as try them. Who knows…Maybe big kids will start using them too 🙂 -xoxo no

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