What’s Cooking! Meal Prep Review

I’d love to cook a super healthy dinner every night, but it’s just so hard to find time. Before Max, I cooked probably 6 out of 7 nights a week, and I loved it! Now, I’m lucky if I get to cook a meal during the weekend, let alone prep for the week. 

My office just became a drop off location for What’s Cooking!, and it has proven to be a total life saver so far! What’s Cooking! is a meal prep delivery service for Ann Arbor and the surrounding area. Our office has become a drop off location so I can use the service even though I live outside the city. 
Each Thursday a new menu comes out with fresh, healthy meals. You choose what you want for the next week, pay, and it’s delivered the next week. After you’re done with the meals you wash out the containers, leave them in your cooler bag for pick up, and they drop off your next week’s meals. It’s so easy. 
So far I’ve had delicious salads with lots of fun toppings, citrus chicken, and salmon with egg plant (it had to be some of the best egg plant I’ve ever had).  The portions are a generous size (this is coming from my husband who will sometimes ask servers if the meals are ‘big man approved’). In terms of pricing, I’d give it ‘$$,’ but you have to remember you’re paying for fresh ingredients, delivery and convenience. My huge salad this week, which includes chicken, walnuts, apples, cranberries and goat cheese, was $11. It will probably last me 1.5 meals (I’ll eat the leftover as a side salad the next day).
If you find yourself short on time for meal prep, I’d encourage you to find something similar to What’s Cooking! in your area. If you already use something similar, please comment below and share your experience! 
xo – Angela

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