4 Tips for Infant Swim Classes

School is almost out so it’s time to chat about summer activities. Swim classes are always a good idea, no matter the age! Reporting back on my 1 year old’s swimming lessons…he loves them! I’m so glad we started doing swim lessons with Xavier at an early age.

Tips for infant swimming lessons:
1 – No goggles needed – but swim diapers are a must! I bought these reusable swim diapers to go over the disposable ones. Make sure you pack extra for accidents!

2 – It’s hard enough getting an infant ready for class, let alone yourself too. Since you’ll have to be joining your young one, I’d recommend getting ready beforehand, and wearing your bathing suit under your clothes.

3 – Bring your stroller in plus a bottle and/or snacks. After class, your young one will probably be hungry! Get them changed into dry clothes and strap them into their stroller with a snack to buy yourself a few minutes to get changed. Every minute counts!

4 – Keep your swim bag packed and ready to go the night before, so you’re not scrambling to make it on time. As soon as I wash swimsuits and towels they go right back into our swim bag for the next week’s lesson.

Here’s a rundown of Goldfish Swim School Mini classes: 

Goldfish Swim School’s Mini Classes offer high quality swim lessons for babies starting at 4 months of age. Mini Class activities include singing group songs, practicing tummy time, and getting little ones comfortable in the water. Babies practice their grasp reflex, move to holding onto the edge of the pool wall and eventually inching their way along it. With the help of mom or dad, babies work on their pulling paddle, glides, floats and kicks. As babies progress through the Mini Program, they will work on their breath control, crab walk, and getting out of the pool safely by using the fin, fin, belly, flipper technique.

Contact Goldfish for a free intro class! 

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