5 Favorite Truck & Tractor Books

We love a good kid’s book! We try to read at least 2 books a night, in addition to a Bible story, and the boys read throughout the day. I’m going to start doing posts that are featured on books we like (or are on our wish list!).

This week, let’s talk tractors and trucks! Our youngest son is really into farm tractors and monster trucks. Here are some of of our favorites and others that come highly recommended! 

The Big Book of Things That Go

My 2 year old is obsessed with this book. He has memorized all of the trucks, tractors and trains by color and type. It’s so much fun for him. If you have a kid who loves planes, trains, automobiles…basically anything that can “go,” they will love this book! 5-6 large pictures on each page with a description of each one. Be warned, this book is big! It’s 11×14 inches.

Good Night Tractor
I’m adding this one our Christmas list. We say ‘good night’ to our Things That Go trucks and tractors each night. I also found Goodnight Digger too!

We love DK books like these. I like to call these kinds of books ’round up books.’ They do a great job at focusing on a category and providing 100s of photos and descriptions. My youngest son loves going through the pages and naming off all of the trucks. 

Cars and Trucks and Things That Go
This book has great reviews – I think this may be a stocking stuffer this Christmas!

Where Do Diggers Sleep at Night?
How cute is this cover? This is a super cute rhyming story and even cuter illustrations! 

17 thoughts on “5 Favorite Truck & Tractor Books

  1. Those are all very cute books. i think I would have to try out the goodnight tractor one. Probably because I have loved books like goodnight moon and such, I would want to see how this was different. But all the books look great.

  2. My kid had a few of those books! He was really into trucks and tractors when he was younger. He can identify more work vehicles than me, for sure!Melanie Frost from Cheep and Cheeky

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