7 Tips for Back to School Preschool Prep

‘Back to School’ doesn’t start at Kindergarten – it starts with preschool! 

Last year Max went to 4 year old preschool for 3 half days. This year, he’s doing the 5 year program for 3 hours, Monday through Friday. I think the new routine will be great for him (exhausting, but great!). The structure will help him prepare for Kindergarten next year (well at least, that’s the goal).

Here are my tips for preschool back to school prep:

1) Kid friendly alarm clock
No more sleeping in! Although my boys are early risers, once and a great while they will sleep a bit later. For those of you with kids who like to snooze in the AM, check out this kid friendly alarm clock to help getting your little ones out of bed and moving!

2) Dinner Help
The first weeks will be hectic for everyone. Not only do kids have to get use to this new schedule, but parents as well. Doesn’t matter if you stay at home with kids or go to work, school adds another layer of complexity to your day. Anticipate it being crazy and sign up for meal delivery for the week, so you don’t have to worry about dinner. I use Small Potatoes which is local to me in metro Ann Arbor Michigan. They have 3 entrees featured every week, along with a few sides, salad and dessert. Their menu is extremely healthy and they use fresh ingredients!

3) New school supplies! 

They don’t need that much for preschool (at least our school doesn’t send home a list) but I like to stock up on the following for writing practice and other homework:

Writing paper 

New crayons
Glue sticks
Kid scissors
Pencil box to keep supplies organized

4) Backpack
Need a new backpack? Check out Amazon’s selection and if you have Prime, get it in 2 days.

5) Fun after school snacks
Make them fun! Here are some ideas from Pinterest.

6) Antibacterial wipes & hand sanitizer
I try to make it a habit for my boys to wash their hands when they come in from outside or activities, and school is no exception. So many germs! 

7) School Year Kick Off Gifts for Teachers
Don’t forget about your teachers! Kick off the new school year with brownie points and buy/make your teacher a gift. I bought Max’s teachers Tim Horton’s gift cards. I know Target is pretty popular as well. Or maybe buy your new teacher some fun school supplies like Flair pens or fun colored Expo markers.

I’d love to hear any tips, tricks or mom hacks you have for back to school prep. Please share in the comments!

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  1. The first week of school is kicking our tushies! LOL I love helping my kids get ready for the school year, but I'm also very ready for a low-key weekend to regroup for another busy week…

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