7 Non-Candy Halloween Treat Ideas

My oldest son has a food allergy to cashews and pistachios. It’s super scary, but not as scary as some of the more common food allergies that are hidden in almost everything we eat, especially candy. Parents, and kids, have to be extra careful on Halloween since kids will be getting a huge mix of peanuts, gluten, dairy, etc in their trick or treat bags.

I encourage households handing out candy to have an alternative for kids with allergies. You can put out a Teal Pumpkin so parents know you have a safe option for their kids. Here are a few ideas you can get on Amazon Prime in time for Halloween!

Slap bracelets
Remember these from the late 80s early 90s? Well, they are back! And make a great alternative to candy this Halloween.

Mini cars
How fun are these mini cars? My boys would lose their mind if they received these trick or treating.

Halloween stickers
As a kid, I would have loved to get stickers. Well, let’s be honest, I’d love to get them as an adult, too. I have not outgrown my sticker addiction!

Glow sticks
These are always a hit on Halloween.

Squishy animal toys
I have no idea why kids obsess over these things, but they are definitely trendy and pretty cute.

Mini Stampers
These are so darn cute for a craft loving kid.

Mini Play-Doh
These may not be great for kids with a severe gluten allergy, but since kids “shouldn’t” eat it, it should be good for kids with food allergies. These 1oz. cans are so cute!

I hope these are helpful! Order by Monday or Tuesday, to make sure you get them in time for Halloween on Thursday! If you have any additional ideas please leave them in the comments below!

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3 thoughts on “7 Non-Candy Halloween Treat Ideas

  1. Cute ideas! I put a teal pumpkin sign out for a few years, but never got a request for my other treats. I'm glad there are so many options for the kids who need them 🙂

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