Butterfly Kit Review

I had way too much fun with our first ever butterfly kit. I was like a crazy butterfly lady! We purchased this butterfly kit by Insect Lore about a month ago and we just let the butterflies out last week. It was so much fun for everyone!

The kit comes with 5 baby caterpillars, a butterfly habitat and ingredients to make nectar. We didn’t use the nectar, we gave them fresh fruit every day – only the best for my baby butterflies (crazy butterfly lady here!). It took about a week for the caterpillars to cocoon, and then another few days for them to hatch into beautiful butterflies (our transitioned very fast, instructions said at least a week, but ours did within several days). Pro tip: not all transition at the same time. Our last one took 2 additional days, so don’t give up too soon!
Once they form their cocoons you can easily transfer them to the Butterfly Garden (or habitat). This kit makes it easy, and fun, to watch this wonderful transition. Although it was kind of sad, letting them go was the cherry on top. It’s like they didn’t know to use fully use their wings so they just hung out on the boys for awhile. It was so sweet!
I also purchased the below books to help educate us on the process. We incorporated these into our bedtime reading routine and it helped us to know what stages our butterflies were in. I highly recommend supporting a local book store to shop these books! I purchased mine from 2 Dandelions Bookshop in Brighton, Michigan.
If you’ve done this before, I’d love to hear about your experience! The boys are still talking about it and I’m looking forward to doing it again next year!
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