Gift Ideas for a Tech Loving Momma

I love giving gifts that the recipient would not have bought themselves…it’s that ‘thing’ that they didn’t know they wanted until it was given to them, and then they wonder how they lived without it. This is one of my favorite things about the holiday. 1 – The Nixplay Digital Photo Frame is an AMAZINGContinue reading “Gift Ideas for a Tech Loving Momma”

Thank You Delivery Drivers!

I’ve seen a UPS, USPS or FedEx driver at least once a day for the past week, even on Sunday. These men and women are working major overtime to help deliver our packages on time for the holidays. Between my love for online shopping and my husband’s work packages getting mailed here, we are onContinue reading “Thank You Delivery Drivers!”

Holiday Traditions with Package with Santa

Every year the magic of Christmas gets better and better, and I’m loving building holiday traditions with my family. A new tradition we are going to start this year is from Package with Santa. I can’t wait to see Max’s face light up in amazement when he receives his personalized letter from Santa! Every packageContinue reading “Holiday Traditions with Package with Santa”

8 Must-Haves for C-Section Recovery

There is no ‘easy’ way to give birth. Whether you go naturally or c-section, there are pros and cons and a number of risks involved. My first c-section was a was a breeze, my second, not so much. I won’t get into the details, but there were a few things I was extremely happy IContinue reading “8 Must-Haves for C-Section Recovery”

Halloween Weekend activities in Michigan

I’m really looking forward to Halloween this year. Max is so excited to dress up as Michael Jackson, and Xavier has the cutest little bear costume. Friday morning I’m taking Max to trick or treat my office, then in the evening we’re heading to Halloween at Crossroads Village & Huckleberry Railroad for a train rideContinue reading “Halloween Weekend activities in Michigan”

Tips for Tie-Dye Fun

Since I’ve been home on maternity leave, we’ve become quite the crafting household! It’s extra special fun when mom and friends get to craft too. We made tie-dye shirts last week and it was fun for everyone involved! I purchased the Tulip One Step 18-Color Tie-Dye Kit off Amazon (currently on sale!) which includes everythingContinue reading “Tips for Tie-Dye Fun”

The Ceramic Studio in Howell MI

My 3 year old has been all about crafting lately, which I’m totally loving. I loved doing crafts when I was younger, and honestly, I still do! I don’t consider myself a ‘crafty’ person though. I need someone else to come up with craft, and then I’ll have fun doing it! I recently heard aboutContinue reading “The Ceramic Studio in Howell MI”

Spring Fashion is in Full Bloom!

I hope everyone had an amazing Easter last weekend! Ours was filled with family and friends, beautiful midwest weather and Easter egg hunts galore. Max was super happy to ride his new scooter first thing in the AM, and I was equally excited to get him dressed to wear his new Easter outfit. I scoredContinue reading “Spring Fashion is in Full Bloom!”

5 Tips for Maintaining Work Life Balance as a Working Mom

I knew that I wanted to return to work full time after my maternity leave was over. I knew I had to at least try it, before I decided to change my career or schedule. Before returning, I put together a list of goals and ‘routines’ I wanted to make sure we stuck to asContinue reading “5 Tips for Maintaining Work Life Balance as a Working Mom”