Finding Time for Fitness

It’s hard enough working full time and finding time for a workout, let alone being a mom and finding time for a workout! Gyms with daycare are great, but at the end of the day, I don’t want to drop Max off at a daycare after I’ve been away from him all day.

I’ve found that in home workout sessions are the easiest way to get in a workout. I either wake up early before Max gets up, or workout after he goes down for bed at night. I do a mix of kettlebells, body weight and running workouts. Here are a few resources I use:

Zuzka Light
Zuzka charges $9.99/month to view her premium workouts in the ‘ZGym.’ They are great for at home workouts. She doesn’t use a ton of equipment and has a large library full of workouts that focus on different body parts, types of workout (kettlebell, jump rope, body weight, etc.) and length of workout. I can do her workouts anywhere I have my phone or laptop, and most are do-able in a hotel room when I’m traveling. She has great 15-25 minutes workout that will make you sweat!

Online Running Programs
So, I’m not a runner, but I secretly want to be one.  It’s great cardio, and when I’m traveling, it’s a double bonus to get both a workout in and to explore new cities. My goal is to be able to run 20 minutes straight. I’m currently using this program on to help me meet this goal in 10 weeks. I love outlines like this to help keep me on track and accountable. I either get up really early to run at home or run after Max goes down to bed when Mike is home. I’m looking forward to less humid weather in Michigan to run in!

Online fitness groups
For me (and I’m guessing quite a few other folks), motivation is key. I think this is why Beachbody programs are so successful…they hold people accountable! Whether it’s signing up for a 5k or Fitbit challenge, get a group of friends together who have similar fitness goals as you and start a challenge.

I do Fitbit Challenges each with friends. I have an ongoing challenge with one of my best friends each work week. It’s such a motivator when I’m debating to take the elevator or stairs, or to get up early for a run or sleep in.

How do you find time to workout? How do you stay motivated?

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