Halloween Book Round Up

My boys could easily read the same book over and over again…and that’s what we do for each season. We have our ‘go-to’ books for each season and month and it helps my boys get excited for what’s to come! Here are our 3 favorite Halloween books that we go back to year after year!

“Boo!” by Leslie Patricelli is my favorite to read in funny voices. And it also taught Max (and is now teaching Xavier) what Trick or Treating is all about! It’s perfect, quick, fun story for my 3 year old and now my 6 year old is practicing sounding out words to read to it to his brother. It goes through picking out and carving the perfect pumpkin and creating a costume for Trick or Treating.

We’re big fans of “Don’t Push the Button” books by Bill Cotter. Larry is our buddy! The seasonal ones are just as cute as the originals. “Don’t Push the Button – A Halloween Treat” is so fun to read, it calls for audience participation and the kids love it. There’s lots of ‘boos!’ and clapping coming from this board book.

I love a good Michigan-centric book. “The Spooky Express Michigan” by Eric James has fun illustrations and shout-outs to Michigan cities which makes it fun for us adults to read, too. The kids on the spooky express have a wild adventure all written in rhyme.

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