The Ceramic Studio in Howell MI

My 3 year old has been all about crafting lately, which I’m totally loving. I loved doing crafts when I was younger, and honestly, I still do! I don’t consider myself a ‘crafty’ person though. I need someone else to come up with craft, and then I’ll have fun doing it!

I recently heard about The Ceramic Studio, Etc. in Howell and had to check it out. I loved the idea of painting our own ceramic pieces. I took my 3 year old and he had a great time. I was totally expecting to only last 20 minutes or so but we stayed for a little over an hour and Max painted his train bank the entire time!

When you visit The Ceramic Studio, Etc., you pick out the ceramic piece(s) you want to paint. They have a huge selection of items…mugs, plates, banks, figurines, etc. I knew I wanted to put the boys hand/foot prints on something, but also wanted something I could use, so I chose a large mug.

The employees that were working when I was there were awesome. They gave us an overview of how it works and walked us through the different paints, brushes, etc. When it came time to get Max’s handprint and Xavier’s footprint on my mug, one of the employees helped me put them on my mug.

The ceramic pieces range in price, around $12 and up. My mug was around $24. You pay for your ceramic item and that is it, and you can stay as long as you want. I could see this being a fun girls night out event, and would be awesome if they let you bring wine.

I’ll definitely be going back here before the holidays to make some grandparent gifts. If you don’t live near the area, I would try searching for a ceramic store near you. It’s a great rain or snow day option! Have you been here before or a place like it? If so, what did you paint?

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  1. Cute! In Rochester there is The Painted Pot. My son made a plate for his Santa cookies last year. I think I will take my kids there soon and have the make something for me for my birthday!!! lol

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