bluum Subscription Review – January box

It’s amazing how much things change after kids, including your monthly box subscriptions. Before kids, it was monthly beauty boxes and accessories, and after kids, it’s all about baby products!

Someone gifted me a years membership to Citrus Lane after my son was born and I thought it was the best present. This company actually when out of business, so I was thrilled when my sister in law bought my son a subscription to bluum for Christmas this year.

I’ve been very impressed with the product selection for my bluum box. So far, I’ve let bluum select all of my products and they have been spot on for my son’s age and development stage. You can see preferences for what kinds of goodies you’d like: books, toys, hygiene items, clothes, etc. I just recently discovered that I can select my own products each month, which is awesome, since I tend to not like surprises, and love to pick items I know I need (like more bath soap!).

Here’s a rundown of my first box:

1 – The fun owl bath mitt and Deserving Health Organic Bubble Bath was a cute pairing. I love trying new bubble baths and shampoos for Max. It had a light fruity smell which I like so much more than must lavender scented baby washes. 
3 – Blue toy car – I could have done without this. There’s really nothing unique about the car, but Max still liked it. 
4 – The Cheerios book. This might be the most practical book Max will own. The Cheerios book has little spots for Cheerios to be placed. It’s genius! I carry this in my diaper bag so we can take it out when Max gets antsy in restaurants. 
This subscription box is fun for both me and Max. I love that they allow you to pick your items, and you can include adult geared items too (not just kids). The down side, it’s not cheap! But if you’re looking for a unique new mom or baby shower gift, this is an awesome idea. Or for yourself, if you want to treat yourself and your little one to monthly new goodies, it’s a great way to try new things. 
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