Top 7 Apps for Busy Moms

Did you get a new phone for the holidays? If so, here are the top 7 apps busy moms need! These apps (or types of apps) will save you time!

  1. Google Calendar is key. You can use this on iPhones as well. I add all appointments and travel dates to my husband’s calendar, and vice versa, so we can plan around each other’s schedules. 
  2. Credit card or bank account apps – Our main credit card is an American Express card so I have the Amex app on my phone. This makes it easy to check my balance and pay bills with just a few clicks. (Android Amex app, iOS Amex app)
  3. Grocery store app – If your grocery store has an app, download it! I use to enjoy going through weekly coupon mailers but I just don’t have the time anymore. I now use Meijer’s app for clipping coupons. It’s so easy and I save a lot of money doing it! I can look at the deals of the week from the app and ‘clip’ them to my profile. Then, when I’m checking out in store, the coupons are applied automatically as soon as I enter my mPerks number. I know other grocery chains have apps, but I’m not sure if they have this same functionality. If you have a Meijer near you, I highly suggest it!  (Android Meijer app, iOS Meijer app)
  4. Pinterest – Great for organizing recipes you want to try, organization tips, etc. I threw out all of my cooking books that were collecting dust and use Pinterest to organize my recipes by gluten free, breakfast, clean eating dinners,young etc.  (Android app, iOS app)
  5. Taskrabbit allows you to connect with people who can help you in every aspect of life. Need a mover? A house organizer? Someone to wrap Christmas presents? Fire up TaskRabbit and hire help! Note, this is only available in select cities for now. Hoping it comes to Michigan soon! (Android app, iOS app)
  6. Groovebook is an app that allows you to print 100 cell phone pictures each month, in a fun 4×6 book. The app is free, and the monthly book costs $2.99. I don’t know about you, but all pictures of my son are on my phone, and I never get them printed! This is a nice reminder for busy moms to take a few minutes to select photos they want hard copies of. You can print multiples of one photo, too. Every time you see a family member or friend you’ll have a new picture to share with them – you’ll look like a rockstar mom! (Android app, iOS app)
  7. Amazon app is essential if you are an Amazon Prime member (or shop with Amazon often). I can open my app and reorder baby formula or diapers in 3 clicks. (Android app, iOS app)
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7 thoughts on “Top 7 Apps for Busy Moms

  1. Google Calendar is my life, lol, and when it goes down (not often, but still) I have to rack my brain to think where I am supposed to be / what I am supposed to be doing that day :P.

  2. I use Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Amazon apps regularly. I love \”window shopping\” on the Amazon app. I also love my Meijer app for coupons!

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